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Re: How You can Win GHS 100 on Ghana Forum (See Details) by NanaAma(f) : 8:36 pm On Mar 26

What MAKES UpGhana Forum Different?
Because we cherish everything shared on this platform as valuable intellectual contents, we give rewards for them. So you are rewarded(In form of points) for all activities on the Forum.
How is My Point Calculated?
Your point is calculated with an algorithm that considers the following : The post that you make in a month, the comment those posts get, the likes those post get; The time you spend on the forum in a month ; The number of post you reply to; and The number of Followers you get in a month.
How Do I get Rewarded?
We celebrate members with highest points. Their names are constantly listed on the Forum home page and at the end of every month, Top 3 users get awesome rewards from the Forum (GHC100) which can either collect in cash or through mobile money. So what are you waiting for? Join Upghana: The Biggest online community made for Ghanaians where you get rewarded while having fun.

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Shame As Private PHOTOS of NMS Boss Bonking a Lady Goes Viral(Photos) by NanaAma(f) : 1:31 am On Mar 27

Entebbe Based National Medical Store's main administrator and logistics manager Mr. Alfred Muhangi’s alleged sextape with workmates' wife has leaked.
In the sextape that is spreading like wild fire on WhatsApp Alfred is seen digging the mystery woman like a farmer resulting into a flow of excessive El Niño that uncontrollably floods the room!
Howwe has learnt Alfred Muhangi was tricked after several employees complained of how he had used his position to mercilessly shaft workmates' wives and other different intern ladies in town.
Alternatives sources, especially the tabloids claim he's married to a beautiful Munyankole lady with kids but doesn’t give a d*mn when it comes to matters of the skirt.
Further allegations indicate Alfred does use his office for unofficial business as he's often seen checking into different lodges on different occasions with women who aren’t his.
Apparently, he got in touch with a woman whose identity is to be kept safe for security reasons and recorded on tape/video straight from the grand entry to his time of leaving and it this that is making rounds on social media

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This Is Why I And My Boyfriend Cannot Breakup!!(pictures) 18+ by NanaAma(f) : 7:18 pm On May 02

Whatever i ask him,he gives me
Whatever i desire he gives me,His manhood was short until i asked him to use herbal concoctions and he did and his manhood became better and i enjoyed it.
I asked him for a new cool device he gave me this last week even if na to do juju in madina,i cant live him for another girl..

A friend of mine sent me images of her new phone and sent this to me on whatsapp,My Question is..

Does This Kind Of Relationship Last At All
Is This Love or Crush??

Re: I think Guys on this Forum are Shy by NanaAma(f) : 12:34 am On May 03

Remizy: Well not all guys are shy, but most of us are just in our shell because we are scared of being snubbed

kiki...Any serious gal should not snub a guy.....cos just as you need us....we also cannot do without you...

Re: Use This Thread To State What You Need in Ghana(e.g Job, Lover etc) by NanaAma(f) : 3:30 am On May 04

Lilkidzy: call me lil

Welcome Lil...

See The Handbag Sugar Daddy Bought For Her by NanaAma(f) : 3:37 am On May 04

Babe Proudly Display Handbag Of $398 Her Sugar Daddy Bought For Her Just To Spite Haters

Dorothy proudly has an Aristo. Dorothy's Aristo recently took her shopping and wasted $398 = N79k on a Michael Kors handbag for her.

Dorothy wanted her haters to know about it, so Dorothy took to her Twitter page to share pics and ask the question you see above.

Who wants to be like Dorothy? See more pics below.

She Needs Sugar Daddy in Kumasi by NanaAma(f) : 12:30 am On May 07

I am making this post for a friend who have confided in me on condition of anonymity. She seriously need someone who can make her feel good....If you are interested....let me know

Who will you vote for on Nov. 7, Nana Akufo-Addo or Mahama? by NanaAma(f) : 5:29 am On May 08

hmmm....let's talk about our coming election...although am a girl, am a political enthusiast...especially when it comes to Ghana politics
. let's be very objective about this...who will you vote for and why?

10 Hacks and Tricks Every Ghanaian Girl Must Know(Photos + Video) by NanaAma(f) : 6:45 am On May 08

These are issues around AIRY VAGINA, b0*b PUMP, POWER POSING & MORE


Who Needs A Virgin? by NanaAma(f) : 8:20 pm On May 09

Consider these scenarios:
For the Men:
You are ‘in love’ with two girls and they both would like to marry you. One of them is a virgin and has sworn not to have s*x with anybody before marriage, including you. The other has done it with previous boyfriend(s) and is happy to do it with you. In all other respects, the two girls are exactly alike. Which one would you marry?

For the Girl:
Two close male friends are proposing marriage to you. They are exactly alike except that one of them doesn’t believe in premarital s*x and would not ‘do it’ with you until you’re married. The other one has done it with other girl(s) and is ready to do it with you if you’ll allow it. Which marriage proposal would you accept?

This is going to be interesting. I need as many answers as possible and please try to be honest
As for me I would go with the second guy... cool cool

Guys! What Would You Do If You Woke Up To See This On Your Bed? by NanaAma(f) : 8:24 pm On May 09

I know some of we ladies like to package...but this is too far from what you can package or conceeal...I want to hear from you guys what you would do if this happens to you.

Re: Show your Interest If you want to be A Moderator on This Forum by NanaAma(f) : 9:47 pm On May 14

I would like to be considered for the celebrity and gossip section...Trust me I know how to entertain Ghanaians....Will inbox you. smile

Re: Happy Birthday NaNa Ama by NanaAma(f) : 12:24 am On May 15

Thanks Dearie... cheesy cheesy :- really appreciate this. s. grin

PHOTOS: Drop Any Funny Picture(s) Here by NanaAma(f) : 2:58 am On May 16

Let's Light up the forum with funny pics...look into your device for any photo(s) and share with the forum....Let's do this and enjoy the fun...I will Start..
Let's see whose picture will get the highest Likes

PHOTOS: Man Blasts Girl Who Asked Him For Money But Refused Him Sex by NanaAma(f) : 11:07 am On May 18

A man named Onwudiwe Chukwuka (pictured left), found himself trending on social media today after he published chat messages he had with a lady he just met recently. Apparently, he's upset that the lady (pictured right), refused to give him s*x after she demanded money from him. Her excuse for not laying with him is that 'they just met'. But he feels she has no right to ask him for money either because 'they just met'. Equation balanced! Read their chat below..

See How Fans Compared Criss Waddle’s Girlfriend to Shatta Wale’s Wife Michelle by NanaAma(f) : 10:59 pm On May 28

Ever since Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale started throwing shade at each other, their fans have compared any detail having to do with these two Ghanaian artiste.
It started with the Biegya track from both camps, and now their latest diss tracks against each other, and even now there’s a serious ‘battle’ as to whose woman looks better.
Check out at what we stumbled upon, as well as comments below!

What do you guys think about the comparison....who do you go for?

Photo: Foods that You Eat that Kill Your s*x Power by NanaAma(f) : 11:07 pm On May 28

We obviously want to have s*x at one point in time and while at it we surely would want to have more. Not like Oliver Twist but just like the average human should be able to. The problem is that in our stressful lives, it’s hard to find the energy to have as much s*x as you’d like but one thing we forget that plays the primary role in killing our s*x vibe is our diet.
Here are some diets that are obviously killing your s*x drive..

Good Old “Sugar”
Most people are familiar with the term “sugar crash,” but many don’t know where this term comes from. After you eat sugar, it’s not only your focus and energy that crashes, but also your actual blood sugar levels, too.
When you eat sugar, blood sugars naturally rise, causing the pancreas to secrete insulin. But the pancreas isn’t great at estimating how much insulin to release and usually overdoes it, secreting large amounts of insulin that cause your blood sugar to drop dramatically. This is the famous crash that causes brain fog, sluggishness, and food cravings. Eliminating sugar is one of the very best things you can do for your health, weight, and overall performance.
Vegetable Oils That Don’t Come From Vegetables
The Bulletproof Diet is all about fat, but the type of fat you consume is key. The most stable fats are saturated, while the most unstable, easily oxidised, and therefore inflammatory fats are polyunsaturated fats. Eating excess polyunsaturated fats will not improve your health, longevity, or performance and is likely to contribute to cancer and metabolic problems. The most common polyunsaturated oils that you should avoid include canola, corn, cottonseed, peanut, safflower, soybean, and sunflower oils.
The main problems with these oils are that most are genetically modified and many contain toxic solvents used in their production. It’s not easy to squeeze oil out of something like corn, so in order to maximize production, these solvents are needed. These kryptonite oils also provide unhealthy amounts of omega 6 polyunsaturated fats. Oxidised omega 6 fats do damage to your DNA, inflame your heart tissues, and raise your risk of several types of cancer, including bre*st cancer. But perhaps worst of all, your brain pays the price oxidised omega 6 fats don’t support optimal brain metabolism.
Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains, including barley, rye, oat, and all their species and hybrids. Gluten-containing grains are addictive and break down in the gut into opioid compounds called gluteomorphins that trigger the same receptors in your brain as other opiate drugs like heroin. If you allow your brain to get “addicted” to the opiates formed by grain digestion, you’re going to experience that as insatiable hunger and cravings that last for days after you last ate grains.
There is plenty of research to show that eating gluten also has negative health consequences. It causes inflammation and gastrointestinal distress and contributes to autoimmune diseases and a host of other issues. The trick is to give it up completely and go gluten-free. This will dramatically increase your ability to live up to your full potential and you’ll undoubtedly feel an immediate difference in your body and your brain.
Dubious Dairy
The final category of foods to avoid on the Bulletproof Diet is conventional dairy. One of the main problems with dairy is the harmful process of pasteurisation. While this process does reduce the small risk of milk contamination, it kills off the beneficial probiotics in the milk, denatures milk proteins, and basically transforms milk from a source of nutrition into a source of many health problems. Pasteurisation also turns milk’s lactose sugars into beta-lactose sugars that the body absorbs faster, causing blood sugar spikes.
You should avoid milk and most things made from milk cheese, yogurt, cream, buttermilk, and ice cream – but not butter. Butter is significantly healthier than the milk it is made from because the harmful milk proteins (including casein and BCM-7) are largely absent from butter. What little milk protein remains in cultured butter has been enzymatically modified during the butter fermentation process and isn’t a problem for most people.
NB: It is also vital to drink loads of water daily as much as exercise to keep your body fit in the wake of avoiding or miniminzing s*x drive killing foods and boost your libido.

Man Kills Doctor For Assisting His Wife To Give Birth by NanaAma(f) : 4:08 am On May 31

To the cool and rational minds assisting women to give birth is not the preserve of women doctors. Any doctor male or female is permitted to help women to give birth. To some Muslims in Ghana and other parts of the world only women doctors are permitted to serve as genealogists. One man in Saudi Arabia has got himself into trouble by taking the life of a female doctor who delivered his wife of her pregnancy. Because the murder really took place to the surprise of many people in the world we have decided to tell you the full story from our man of [email protected] of Uganda as follows;

A Saudi husband has been arrested for shooting a male doctor who assisted during his wife’s childbirth. The shooter believed the doctor had no right to be present during labor and that only a female gynecologist should have assisted the delivery.

The woman gave birth at the King Fahad Medical City in the Saudi capital Riyadh back in April, Saudi news site Sabq reported.

Shortly after the birth, the woman’s husband went to the hospital and asked to meet with Dr Muhammad Al Zabn, а Jordanian national who helped his wife during labor. The man said he wanted to thank the doctor.

Both met in the hospital garden but instead of expressing gratitude to the doctor, the new father took a gun concealed under his clothes and shot him.

"The husband came to the hospital looking for the doctor and shot him in the chest in an attempt to kill him for helping his wife deliver a baby," said a hospital spokesperson, as quoted by Al-Araby newspaper.

The spokesperson added that the doctor’s condition was stable.

The man was later arrested and the authorities have launched an investigation into the matter.

Gender segregation is enshrined in Saudi Arabian law. In February this year women in Riyadh were banned from a local Starbucks after a barrier designed to keep the genders apart collapsed. The company suggested female customers send their drivers to pick up drinks.

Separating the sexes can even lead to tragedy. In 2014 a female student at one of Riyadh’s most prestigious universities died of a heart attack after male medics were not allowed to help.

In one of the most tragic incidents of this kind, in 2002 religious police in Mecca did not allow 15 girls to leave a burning school because they were not deemed to be properly dressed. The girls perished in the blaze. The outcry over the case led to a sweeping reform of the country’s female education system

VIDEO: See How This Man Was Publicly flogged In Volta Region Over Adultery by NanaAma(f) : 4:15 am On May 31

This incident happened in The Volta Region Of Ghana According To GhanaGrio.Com Stuff Who is On An Assignment In A Small Village In The Volta Region.

The Victim Was caught having s*x with another man's wife and Was publicly flogged after an angry mob marched him through their village.

Disturbing footage of the flogging shows the victim lying face-down on a wooden bench and being hit with sticks by another man. After four hits he got up in protest but a second man grabbed his legs and held him on the bench.
Adultery remains highly forbidden in conservative African cultures with culprits subjected to brutal punishments like stoning.

Mahama Will Win 2016 Election In First Round – Prophet by NanaAma(f) : 9:34 am On Jun 07

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the leader and founder of Glorious Waves Church International claimed at an all-night church service on Friday that the upcoming 2016 election will be won in the first round of voting by president Mahama.

According to Ghanapoliticsonline.com the renowned prophet told the congregation that God has revealed to him that the upcoming election will not extend to a second round but rather president Mahama will win the polls in the first round and secure a second term mandate.
“There will not be a second round, John Mahama will get 50 percent plus, but I saw us voting till the next day which is 8th; which simply means some places across the country will vote the next day,” prophet Kobi noted.
He however tasked Ghanaians to pray for a peaceful election, saying: “We must pray because some section of Ghanaians will not understand and those who will not understand will, this time, create confusion,” he added.
The popular preacher is reported to have claimed last year that the NPP’s 2016 flagbearer was under some demonic bondage which will not allow him to achieve his ambition but asked Ghanaians to pray to avert any untoward happenings during the elections.

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