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39 Weird English Words That Will Make You Go WTF by blesso(f) : 9:47 pm On May 29

If you’re dealing with basic English words, you’re likely never going to come across weird English words but there are a lot of it out there.

It makes sense because English has a lot of borrowed words so there are a lot of words from other languages infused in there, so the likelihood you will come across one or two weird words is high.

There are definitely some words you will see that will make you go WTF or probably don’t believe they are English words but they are. Here are 39 weird English words that will make you go WTF!!! Is this for real?

1. Tchotchke

Yeah! we know, you’re looking at this word like, “you gotta be kidding me” if it is your first time seeing it, but yes! that’s an English word and it means, “A pretty girl or woman”. Another definition is, “a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket”

2. Abomasum

This is not the Twi word that means, “You slapped me?”, this is an English word which means the fourth stomach of a ruminant, such as a sheep or a cow. The Agricultural students will find it easy with this one.

3. Absquatulate

Don’t let this word scare you, we know it will a bit but don’t let it, it simply means, “to leave somewhere abruptly”.

4. Adscititious

This simply means, “Additional”

5. Xenology

This is the scientific study of Extra Terrestrial Phenomena. So what the Men In Black were doing, is known as Xenology.

6. Umbriferous

If you think on the line of an Umbrella you should get this right. It just means something that is shady.

7. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Now, this is not a sentence, that’s a word. It is a term for a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash and sand dust.

8. Nympholepsy

If you’re that old man who is aroused by beautiful young girls, this is the word for you and in Ghana, we will refer to you as, “Awi ngaa”.  If you were looking for the right English word for “Awi ngaa”, there you have it.

9.  Obnubilate

Whenever you are designing something and you decide to darken, dim or obscure the object, then you should know you’re obnubilating or when you try to blur someone’s face in a picture so no one can recognise them, that’s the word.

10.  O-O

This is something Scrabble players will love to know but we are not playing scrabble here but this is actually a word. It is the name of a Hawaiian bird, species of the honeyeater.

11. Inspissate

This is to thicken something.

12. Incunabula

All books that were printed before 1501 are known as Incunabula.

13. Illywhacker

This is a word used for a small-time confidence trickster.

14. Hwyl

This is a word specific to a particular people, the Welsh. It means, a stirring feeling of emotional motivation and energy which is associated with the Welsh people…smh!!

15. Eucatastrophe

The happy ending of a story is known as Eucatastrophe, so just in case you were looking for the opposite of tragedy, there you have it.

16. Etui

Nah! This is not the Twi word for a fart, that’s actually an English word which means, a small ornamental case for holding needless, cosmetics and other articles.

17.  Ecdysiast 

Someone who stripteases you or a performer who does this is known as Ecdysiast, just in case you were looking for the word such a person.

18. Deipnosophist

Any person who is skilled in the art of dining and dinner-table conversation is known as a deipnosophist.

19. Anfractuous 

If you have something that is winding or circuitous in nature, the right term or word for it is anfractuous.

20. Aspergillum

This is an implement used for sprinkling holy water in religious ceremonies. So whenever you go to the catholic church and they hold this implement that they dip in water and sprinkle on you, that’s an aspergillum.

21. Bergschrund

It is a name for a type of a crevasse at the junction of a glacier or snowfield with a steep upper slope.

22. Blatherskite

If you have a friend who talks a lot but never makes sense, this is the right word for them. A blatherskite is a person who talks at great length without making much sense.

23. Borborygmus

That sound you hear in your intestines that make you say, “Me yem gye me kurulululu” that’s the word for it.

It is the rumbling or gurgling noise in the intestines.

24. Callipygian

If your girlfriend has some nice rounded buttocks, you can use this word for her. The word means, having shapely buttocks.

25. Coprolalia

If you have an involuntary repetitive use of obscene language, then this is the word for you.

26. Deglutition

This is the act of swallowing something

27. Emacity 

If you’re fond of buying things, then this is the word for you.

28. Floccinaucinihilipilification

The action of estimating something as worthless is known as floccinaucinihilipilification.

29. Gasconade

If you like boasting extravagantly, you’re referred to as a Gasconade.

30. Gobemouche

If you’re that type of person who believes everything you hear, you’re a gobemouche. This means you’re a gullible listener and that’s the word for you.

31. Kinnikinnick

It is a substance consisting of dried sumac leaves and willow or dogwood bark, smoked by North American Indians.

32. Misogamy

If you hate marriages, this is the word for you or if you’re scared to marry, that’s the word.

33. Noctambulist

This is the right word for a sleepwalker.

34. Tsantsa

When your head is severed by the Jivaro tribe in Ecuador, your head becomes a war trophy and it is known as a tsantsa.

35. Pantagruelian

This is a word for something that is enormous. When enormously is not enough for you, this is the word to use.

36. Prosopagnosia

If you’re unable to recognise familiar faces, then you’re a prosopagnosia and it is also a brain damage, go see a doctor.

37. Cyesis

If you should see this word anywhere on your medical form, don’t let it scare you because we know will especially when it sounds like a disease but it simply means the state of being pregnant.

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38. Sesquipedalian

If you like using words like what we’ve listed here, you’re a sesquipedalian, which means you like using many long words.

39. Logomachy

If you decide to argue with us over any of these words, you are a logomachy.

Here 13 Times The English Language Made Absolutely No Sense At All.

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